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Posters and Educational and Training Materials

In an effort to make solar disinfection as available as possible, Global Resources Institute is developing educational, training and promotional materials. As part of this effort, GRI has incorporated its water drop into a poster presenting basic information on the use of solar disinfection, the need for recycling plastic bottles, and the necessity of good hygiene. Combining a cartoon format designed to be as culturally neutral as possible with textual information, the poster is both enjoyable and informative. The poster was created for both non-literate and literate audiences and designed for display in medical clinics, schools, shops or other places where people might congregate.

Maintaining this cartoon theme, GRI has created a book which can be used in schools and non-formal educational settings such as literacy classes. It has been translated into Nepali and distributed in schools and community learning centers in Nepal. The book is being translated into other languages.

                   A printable version of the poster in English or Nepali is available in PDF format in a tabloid format (11 inches by 17 inches) which can also be printed and read in a letter size format (8.5 inches by 11 inches or A4). It is in black and white so that it can be inexpensively reproduced. In order to read the non-Latin fonts, Adobe 5.0 or later is required. This is freely available for downloading at

GRI has copyright to these materials and will freely grant permission for reproduction without alteration for non-commercial purposes. We would like anyone who intends to copy these materials to inform us so that we may have a record of where the materials are being used. We would also appreciate any comments regarding the materials and any benefits realized by their use.

If your computer system will not run Adobe 5.0 and you have no other means to print the SunWater poster, please contact GRI by e-mail, fax, or post. We will mail you a hard copy.

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